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The sixth episode of the EU Community Team’s PvP Stream the Wolves’ Den is now archived and available for viewing on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel!We had two special guests with us and chatted about the FRC2018 and tanking tips. O...
Published Aug 17, 2018
We continue our celebration of FINAL FANTASY XIV's fifth anniversary with another short story in our continuation of Tales from the Storm!Today we invite you to pore over the second of four new installments: From Azure Ashes.Read th...
Published Aug 17, 2018
The summer sun has been sweltering hot, but there’s no time like the Moonfire Faire to cool off, relax and enjoy the ocean air! We’re challenging adventurers across the realm to take a break, and show us how you capture the spirit of the...
Published Aug 17, 2018
Today sees the launch of the all-new FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion app. Now you can communicate with other adventurers and prepare for quests wherever you may be!Download on the AppStoreGet it on Google Play* The initial influx of users ac...
Published Aug 15, 2018
We are proud to announce the ninth season of the Feast has begun!Ready your weapons, and prepare to fight your fellow adventurers fang and claw to climb up the rankings. Then, when the dust settles at the season’s end, players will be re...
Published Aug 14, 2018

Episode 13 - Worst. Episode. Ever.

By Saieno a - Posted Oct 30, 13

I honestly couldn't tell ya what we talked about. Worst. Episode. Ever.

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