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We are proud to announce the thirteenth season of the Feast has begun!Ready your weapons, and prepare to fight your fellow adventurers’ fang and claw to climb up the rankings. Then, when the dust settles at the season’s end, players will...
Published Apr 23, 2019
A new optional item has been added to the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station!Read on for details.
Published Apr 23, 2019
Patch 4.57 introduces the World Visit System, giving players more freedom than ever before!Read the patch notes.
Published Apr 23, 2019
In preparation for the release of Shadowbringers, we will be performing stress tests to verify server stability in field areas. Simply join the specified large-scale FATE by using the World Visit system coming in Patch 4.57. Warriors of ...
Published Apr 22, 2019
We’re pleased to announce that a collection of popular Stormblood music is now available on the iTunes Store and Amazon! Enjoy melodies that are sure to stir fond memories of your adventures in Stormblood!1. Sunrise2. A Land Long Dead3. ...
Published Apr 19, 2019

Episode 10 - Battling the Basics

By Saieno a - Posted Sep 2, 13

In this episode we cover FFXIV Concurrent User Record, FFXIV for Mac Update, and General Overview of Notices and Updates in Equipment Breaking News. We go over Yoshida's Emotional Launch Day Speech and Thank you Naoki Yoshida in Community Service. Then we look at all the basics to help get you started with A Realm Reborn in Meat & Potatos.

And we read our feedback from around the web, featuring AniMusDiMe, Daring0ne, and Sapphire511 on iTunes!
Be sure to review us on iTunes, and if you'd like to ask a question please send an e-mail to
We'll see you next week!



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