Official Final Fantasy XIV News
Game City Vienna is the biggest trade show for computer games in Austria, and for the first time we’ll be part of it! For that, we’ve packed a lot of things: Fun activities, prizes, and the Starter Edition free for those who sign up live...
Published Sep 21, 2018
The Mega Mog Station Sale ends on September 24 at 10:00 p.m. (PDT). Don't miss out on these discounts!Read on for details.
Published Sep 19, 2018
A comprehensive guide to customizing the user interface is now available via the Lodestone. Our brand-new site will walk you through the various options for arranging the display to suit your playstyle. Follow the advice within and you w...
Published Sep 19, 2018
We’ve released another exciting new fan kit to give your PC and smartphones a great new look!Download the fan kit.
Published Sep 19, 2018
The competition has been fierce, but at last, we have declared the winners of the Feast Season Nine!Top ranking players will receive special rewards, so check out the rankings and see who clawed their way to the head of the pack!Read on ...
Published Sep 18, 2018
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